Staff: We, the employees of the New Homestead Low Rent Housing Agency, through our collective efforts strive to positively enhance and better serve this community with integrity,care, high ethical standards, and competence. We are committed to provide low and moderate income housing for our community.
Crystallyn Sterler, Executive Director

Dawn Stetson, Office Assistant

Marvin Meendering, Maintenance Supervisor

Board Members: The Board of Commissioners are appointed by the City Council. They meet on a monthly basis and set policy for the Housing Agency. The five commissioners are:

Jim Harskamp - Chairman (Appointed as of 02/09/1977)

Bill Roelofs - Vice Chairman
(Appointed as of 01/08/1992)

John Van Engen
(Appointed as of 02/14/1990)

Mary Roetman
(Appointed as of 04/10/1996)

Kristi Hoogendoorn
(Appointed as of 04/01/2017)

We are proud of the accomplishments of our agency, but more importantly, we remain committed to meeting the challenges facing the housing needs of our community and empowering low and moderate income residents towards self-sufficiency. Major initiatives undertaken by our agency are focused towards increasing homeownership opportunities and developing partnerships with private industry to increase employment and business opportunities for residents through community service.